Robust Solutions,
Trusted Advisors

Top-Notch Professionals with
Decades of Experience

Satisfied Customers,
Repeat Business

Trusted Advisors on
National Health IT

Customer Focused
Responsive Service

Experience in
Mission Critical

Regulatory Compliant
Healthcare IT Solutions

Hands on Approach to
Solving Challenges


  • Trusted advisors to national healthcare IT interoperability and security initiatives
  • Robust solutions for regulatory compliant data exchange, security and monitoring
  • Highly satisfied large clients with multi-year engagements
  • US government approved vendor with extensive past performance and contract vehicles

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Enterprise Solutions

  • SureDeliver®: Secure, reliable and regulatory compliant data exchange
  • SureEDI®: EDI and XML mapping, parsing, translation and validation
  • ManageSecure®: Security resources and identity management, perimeter security, two-factor authentication
  • SureVigil®: Remote monitoring of data exchanges for uptime and performance

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Expert Services

  • Healthcare IT data exchange, interoperability, security and regulatory compliance
  • Electronic Data Exchange (EDI), revenue cycle management
  • Security architecture and operation for mission critical application and data
  • Automated, secure, managed file transfers

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