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Network and Application Security is critical to your operation.

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  • Do you have a web-based application that requires security beyond password?
  • Do your web-applications and web-services use a variety of security approaches?
  • Have you yet encountered a need to manage all those web-services?
  • Are you beginning to notice an increasing need to secure the web-services in an interoperable way?
  • Are you challenged with storing and managing your security resources?
  • Is your Systems Administrator burdened with provisioning and managing security resources?
  • Have you encountered URL-based accesses penetrating past firewalls?
  • Has security of web-hosted applications become complicated?

ManageSecure® can address any and all of these challenges.

  • Secures web-hosted mission-critical enterprise applications.
  • Enhances user experience.
  • Improves and simplifies security, greatly.
  • Eases Systems Administrators burden.
  • It is your hands-down BEST Return on Investment for web security.

ManageSecure is a fully integrated software suite for securing one or more web-hosted applications.

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  • Business Executives, Financial Leaders and CIOs appreciate ManageSecure because it
    • Provides integrated security solution for web resources. No need for complex integration projects. Low cost to implement, upkeep.
    • Drastically lowers cost of owning and managing a public-key infrastructure (PKI) of digital certificates, SSL.
    • Enables issuing and/or managing certificates easily and cost-effectively!
    • Affords greater control on administration of systems. You can organize control of different organizational areas with role-based access for system administrators.
  • Users of your web-based applications benefit because ManageSecure
    • Takes security mostly out of the way of daily work, while still giving a robust security solution.
    • Easy one-time, click-driven, 2-step workflow to get and install certificate.
    • Provides single sign-on (SSO) support. One login good across all pre-approved networked applications. Shred the passwords list!
  • Systems Administrators simply love ManageSecure because it:
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    • Equips your Systems Administrator to meet their responsibilities and tackle their daily challenges.
    • Simplifies security greatly, and makes Systems Administrators work much easier.
    • Supports certificate life-cycle management: request processing, certificate generation, revocation, etc.
    • Supports centralized control of accesses to web application.
    • Reduces time, checklists and hassles of managing web-security.
    • Reduces complexity of security resource management.
    • Eliminates multiple data entry.
    • Provides a highly organized GUI and a well-integrated tool.
    • Stores and automatically monitors certificates, passwords, servers, CRLs, error conditions.
    • Provides extensive audit trails, alerts, reports.
    • Enables interoperation with other implementations as it is built compliant with open standards.
    • Protects web applications with strong, highly configurable security layer. Can manage the security layer.
  • Backed by top-notch security team to support the product.

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