SureEDI® Product Features

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SureEDI® is an enterprise grade software that is a turnkey solution for:

EDI Mapping
  • Dynamic, GUI based EDI map creation (from raw X12)
  • Allows configuring EDI Loops, Segments, Elements and Sub-elements
  • GUI can be used to define business level objects to which EDI objects can be mapped
  • GUI based specification of validation rules for different components of EDI messages
  • EDI maps for common HIPAA EDI transactions, which can be used as a starting point for developing customized EDI maps

XML Mapping
  • Dynamic, GUI based XML map creation (from raw XML data)
  • Allows configuring XML element level validation rules
  • GUI can be used to define business level objects to which XML objects can be mapped
  • GUI based specification of validation rules for the elements within the generated XML maps

X12 TranslationI
  • Powerful translation capabilities from X12 to XML, JSON, CSV and vice versa
  • Can filter CSV or merge CSVs to generate new CSV
  • Batch processing of EDI and CSV can be made part of workflows
  • CSV files can be easily loaded to database tables for data mining, report generation, analytics and business intelligence

  • GUI based definition of data types and syntax
  • GUI based definition of code sets for various fields
  • Custom validation rules at various levels (Loop, Segments, Elements and Sub-elements)
  • Support for Interchange level errors (e.g., X12 TA1), Functional Group level errors (e.g., X12 999), and Business level errors like AAA error codes

Self-Service Validation Customer Provisioning
  • GUI based definition of validation customers
  • GUI based provisioning of EDI and XML maps to validation customers
  • Web interface for self-service validation customers with user friendly error reports based on validation rules

EDI/ Parsing and Translation
  • Use of EDI maps for parsing of real time and batch files and conversion (e.g., EDI to XML/JSON/CSV and XML/JSON/CSV to EDI)
  • Use of EDI maps for "flattening" of EDI batch files into CSV for simplified loading to database, analysis and reporting
  • Batch file processing rule definition for simple and triaged file processing

Processing Modes
  • Supports both Real Time and Batch mode processing
  • Supports rules based Batch split and join
  • Definition of workflows for Batch processing

Integration with Connectivity and Security Layer
  • SureEDI provides data content processing independently of connectivity and security layer. Hence it can be used with any Connectivity and Security products including BNETAL’s SureDeliver.
  • Easy integration with Connectivity and Security layer, which can be provided by SureDeliver or other connectivity software
  • Strong authentication and authorization, OAuth2/OIDC support and integration with AD/LDAP