SureEDI: Intuitive
EDI Mapping, Validation,

SureEDI: Improves
Revenue Cycle Efficiency

SureEDI: Simplifies
Trading Partner On-boarding
and Operation

Dynamic Rules based
EDI Processing Framework

Improves Efficiency

Sophisticated and Configurable
Business Processing Layer

SureEDI: User Defined
Dynamic mapping of EDI Content
to Business Objects

SureEDI: Rules based
Validation and

SureEDI: Turnkey
EDI Mapping Templates
for most Transactions

SureEDI: Stand-alone or
Add-on to BNETAL SureDeliver®:
Healthcare Regulatory
Compliant Enterprise Gateway

Improves Revenues

SureEDI: Supported by
Industry Experts in

Trusted Advisors on
CAQH CORE Projects

Customer Focused
Responsive Service

Satisfied Customers,
Repeat Business

SureEDI® Frequently Asked Questions

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Does SureEDI® help with healthcare revenue cycle administration? If so, how?
Yes, SureEDI® is ideally suited for EDI in healthcare revenue cycle administration. Specifically, it can support HIPAA EDI transaction processing such as Eligibility, Claim Status, Claims, Prior Authorization, Benefit Enrollment, Premium Payment and other transactions. In addition to the ability to do mapping and validation of the healthcare EDI, SureEDI® has built-in data models, graphical user interface and business rules needed for healthcare revenue cycle administration.

How does SureEDI® help with XML data validation?
Yes, SureEDI® provides powerful XML mapping and rules based validation capabilities. Using SureEDI's graphical user interface, users can build XML maps (schemas) with data constraints, that can then be used to validate XML data. User friendly error reports enable simplified validation testing of XML data so that users can quickly correct and retest their data.

Can SureEDI® be used directly by customers for validating their EDI or XML data? If so how?
Yes, SureEDI® allows you to define EDI or XML maps. These maps can be provisioned to customers who can login to SureEDI over the network and validate their EDI or XML data against the maps that they have access to. This can be a step that customers go through as part of their onboarding, so that data format, syntax and code set errors can be eliminated before customers submit their data for processing.

Does SureEDI® help with EDI data analytics, business intelligence, analysis and reporting? If so, how?
Yes, SureEDI® greatly simplifies ingesting of EDI transaction data files for the purpose of data analytics, business intelligence, analysis and reporting. For example, health plans can use SureEDI to mine their EDI data to access specific data elements that are of interest in claims files for the purpose of data analytics or business intelligence including cost-benefit analysis.

Does SureEDI® help with non-healthcare EDI? If so, how?
Yes, SureEDI® can be used to create EDI templates for mapping, validation and processing of any EDI including non-healthcare EDI, e.g., B2B EDI transactions in retail, supply chain, travel.

How does SureEDI® work with BNETAL SureDeliver®?
BNETAL SureDeliver® provides the regulatory compliant (Affordable Care Act) connectivity and security layer and comes ready to be integrated with SureEDI®. EDI (X12) transactions exchanged using SureDeliver® can be processed using SureEDI®, but these two products can be used independently as well.

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Can SureEDI® be used independently of SureDeliver® (e.g., with other connectivity methods)?
Yes, SureEDI® can be used independently of SureDeliver®. When used stand-alone, it can process batch files that reside on a file system or in a database. For regulatory (ACA) compliant real time processing, SureEDI® can be integrated with other connectivity and security products whereby SureEDI® provides the business level EDI data processing capability. However using SureEDI® with SureDeliver® provides end-to-end regulatory compliance (data transport and content) in addition to the flexible and robust mapping, validation and translation capabilities.

Does SureEDI® provide connectivity and security?
SureEDI® provides basic connectivity but relies on SureDeliver® or other connectivity and security products to provide robust and regulatory compliant connectivity and security layer that can be used over the public Internet for exchanging transactions in a secure and reliable manner.

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