SureEDI: Intuitive
EDI Mapping, Validation,

SureEDI: Improves
Revenue Cycle Efficiency

SureEDI: Simplifies
Trading Partner On-boarding
and Operation

Dynamic Rules based
EDI Processing Framework

Improves Efficiency

Sophisticated and Configurable
Business Processing Layer

SureEDI: User Defined
Dynamic mapping of EDI Content
to Business Objects

SureEDI: Rules based
Validation and

SureEDI: Turnkey
EDI Mapping Templates
for most Transactions

SureEDI: Stand-alone or
Add-on to BNETAL SureDeliver®:
Healthcare Regulatory
Compliant Enterprise Gateway

Improves Revenues

SureEDI: Supported by
Industry Experts in

Trusted Advisors on
CAQH CORE Projects

Customer Focused
Responsive Service

Satisfied Customers,
Repeat Business

SureEDI® Financial Benefits

The processing of EDI data based on business rules can be a complex, lengthy and expensive effort. By empowering users to easily develop EDI content processing solutions, SureEDI®
  • Greatly simplifies the implementation of EDI processing, saving time and money
  • By simplifying EDI, it also reduces errors in processing that can creep in as a result of complexity, reducing cost of operation, maintenance and support
  • Improves revenue cycle management efficiency and uniformity by supporting rules based and robust EDI validation and translation
  • Reduces on-boarding and testing time with trading partners, enabling new business quickly
  • Greatly simplifies EDI based data analytics, business intelligence, analysis and reporting by simplifying the parsing of EDI data and handling variations in EDI data formats
  • Flexible pricing model makes it attractive to businesses of all sizes
  • Availability of cloud deployment models (e.g., Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure cloud) reduce the cost of infrastructure, improve availability, scalability and security.

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