SureEDI: Intuitive
EDI Mapping, Validation,

SureEDI: Improves
Revenue Cycle Efficiency

SureEDI: Simplifies
Trading Partner On-boarding
and Operation

Dynamic Rules based
EDI Processing Framework

Improves Efficiency

Sophisticated and Configurable
Business Processing Layer

SureEDI: User Defined
Dynamic mapping of EDI Content
to Business Objects

SureEDI: Rules based
Validation and

SureEDI: Turnkey
EDI Mapping Templates
for most Transactions

SureEDI: Stand-alone or
Add-on to BNETAL SureDeliver®:
Healthcare Regulatory
Compliant Enterprise Gateway

Improves Revenues

SureEDI: Supported by
Industry Experts in

Trusted Advisors on
CAQH CORE Projects

Customer Focused
Responsive Service

Satisfied Customers,
Repeat Business

SureEDI® Major Benefits for IT Leaders

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BNETAL SureEDI® is a powerful EDI mapping, parsing, translation, validation and Translation platform which offers the following to an IT leader:
  • It supports dynamic mapping from EDI formats to business level objects, and conversion from EDI to XML, JSON and CSV formats. Conversion to CSV is very useful in simplifying loading of the EDI batch files to databases for analysis or reporting.
  • Maps can be defined on a system-wide basis or on a per-trading partner basis, to factor variations in formats across trading partners.
  • Users can define dynamic rules for validation of EDI loops, segments, elements and sub-elements, and this can be done on a per- trading partner basis.
  • Many fully built EDI mapping templates help get you started so you can hit the ground running and quickly implement the validation and Translation rules using the templates.
  • SureEDI® supports generation of acknowledgments (e.g., X12 999 or X12 277CA). SureEDI® built-in templates are CAQH CORE compliant.
  • Translation using SureEDI® can be done using a dynamic set of rules that can be extended by user to suite the custom needs of your environment.
  • SureEDI® can be installed stand-alone or with BNETAL's SureDeliver®, to support end-to-end (transport and content).
  • SureEDI® can be installed on the cloud (e.g., Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure cloud), reducing the cost of infrastructure, improving availability, scalability and security.

Key aspects of SureEDI® that make it attractive to IT leaders are:
  • Simple and intuitive design – very short learning curve
  • Simplifies EDI processing by making it easier to map EDI to business level processing. Makes mapping, validation and translation rules more accessible to business analysts, which helps reduce the errors and improving the quality of processing.
  • Helps keep up with code sets that are updated periodically, by enabling dynamic definition and update of code sets
  • Backed by experts in EDI

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