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We thank our clients for the opportunity to serve them over the years and for their glowing endorsements. Our clients range from small to large size organizations in both public and private sector, and include companies in financial, healthcare, public health, health insurance, telecom, education, travel and cellular/wireless verticals. Majority of our engagements are multi-year, and we have a history of repeat business with our old clients - this is a testament to the value, the quality and level of service that we provide. We are humbled by the strong recommendations that our clients have provided.

Some of our recent client endorsements are below:

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"I had the pleasure of working closely with BNETAL on the security aspects of a major EY initiative called Global Tax Platform (GTP), a cloud platform soon to be mission critical to EY. Throughout the project, BNETAL consistently provided thought leadership, and used their excellent subject matter expertise and communication skills to push the envelope of security. BNETAL contributions to GTP have been widely appreciated by GTP and EY leadership. I highly recommend BNETAL’s enterprise and cloud security services."

Project Manager, Global Tax Platform Information Security, EY

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"BNETAL SureEDI helps us in our data mining and analysis of EDI data to detect and predict patterns, which ultimately helps our customers improve outcomes and revenues. SureEDI has been very effective in translating EDI files into formats that can be consumed by our analytics engine enabling us to perform robust analysis and gain important insights into the data. The use of SureEDI for EDI mapping, parsing and translating greatly simplifies our data processing and analytics needs, and reduces the overall cost of analyzing the EDI data. SureEDI is easy to install, configure and use. We avoided a lengthy, complex and expensive development project and expensive licensing by using SureEDI. BNETAL engineers are knowledgeable, friendly and a pleasure to work with."

CEO, CareFacets, Healthcare Predictive Analytics Vendor

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"We have successfully implemented BNETAL SureDeliver for compliance with the CAQH CORE Phase II and III Connectivity and Security requirements for ERA. The installation and configuration of SureDeliver was very straightforward and intuitive. SureDeliver is a mature, reliable, well designed and well documented enterprise gateway with a rich feature set that makes trading partner connection management simple, robust and secure. BNETAL professionals are very knowledgeable, their support of SureDeliver has been excellent, and they are very easy to approach and work with. I highly recommend SureDeliver and BNETAL."

IT Director, Laboratory and Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Company

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"BNETAL has provided reliable, professional and consistently excellent services throughout the development of the CAQH CORE Connectivity and Security Operating Rules. BNETAL consultants have strong credibility as a result of their in-depth knowledge and real-world experience in healthcare data exchange and security. They have been highly effective in simplifying complex technical matters and supporting CAQH CORE as it drafts rules with a very diverse group of industry stakeholders. BNETAL has also represented CAQH CORE at various healthcare industry forums with the goal of gathering as well as sharing market information. In addition to their valuable contributions throughout our five-plus year relationship, BNETAL consultants continue to be responsive and easy to work with. "

Director, Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH)

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"Business Networks International (BNETAL) are leaders in the field of IT Architecture and Security. Their knowledge of these domains are superior. The solutions they have developed have been very successful. They have been implemented, deployed and extended nationwide. When I've had customers come to me asking for assistance with their complex IT issues, I have directed them to BNETAL. These customers have thanked me for the referral. They have always reported complete success and satisfaction with outcomes of their projects."

Manager and Subject Matter Expert, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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"BNETAL was hired to help with a long struggling project. Their expertise in Health-IT, security and architecture was invaluable in moving the project forward. They provided the architecture that was missing to make the project a success. They understood the environment and the results we needed and with their experience and knowledge, guided us there. I highly recommend BNETAL."

Manager, Oregon Department of Health

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"BNETAL provided us with some excellent consulting regarding health IT security standards, and a brief evaluation of an existing project. They are highly recognized as experts in health IT security, and secure messaging and information exchange - for the public health, payor and provider markets. I recommend using them as consultants, and considering BNETAL's messaging/exchange products.”

Director, Arizona Health-e Connection

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"Business Networks International Inc. provided security architecture and design services as part of the CSC-Connecting for Health (CFH) consortium that recently concluded the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) Architecture project. This prestigious project was funded by the US Department of Health Human Services with the goal of providing the foundation for secure, reliable and standards-based health information exchange nationally. The CSC-CFH consortium developed the NHIN architecture and implemented prototype networks in three health markets to demonstrate the real-life value of the NHIN. Business Networks was responsible for developing the security and privacy architecture component of the NHIN architecture, and did a superlative job in completing this critical project deliverable. They made significant contributions to the rest of the CSC-CFH NHIN architecture, and were active participants in building a consensus across the diverse stakeholder group that made up the consortium. Their work was of high quality and appreciated by all members of our team."

Chief Architect, NHIN Architecture project
Computer Sciences Corporation

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"I have worked extensively with BNETAL while working with the Virginia Department of Health and on CDC projects. BNETAL products provided a very secure access to our sensitive Public Health systems. In my opinion based on 19+ years in public health, BNETAL products are top-notch and provide security that is comparable if not superior to most competing products in the market. Their customer service and professionalism was excellent. I would highly recommend their solutions and services.

Senior Manager
Virginia Department of Health

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"We have successfully set up ManageSecure® for authentication into the NBS via SSL connections. The process was straightforward and relatively easy. Of course, as you know, we ran into a few hurdles, but your support for the product was excellent and all problems and/or requests for help were quickly taken care of. Your knowledge of the NBS and other PHIN products is apparent in your support and design! We also have the portal and user sign-up pages up and running, and are beginning to allow users to request certs. This set up was also very easy since it's "out-of-the-box". We're confident the cert-request process will be simple for our users as it isn't too cumbersome.

As for using ManageSecure® as our CA, we've got our ELR system/Direct Send PHIN MS set up using certs we generated using ManageSecure®. This was easy, convenient, and very cost-effective. We've already created a new root keystore for our state lab and generated a keystore for them to use as an ELR partner with us. We envision using this much more as we bring on additional partners. It sure saved the state lab a lot of money too! I'm sure some of our future partners who also don't have a CA in place will be glad we've got the capability here. Not only did it positively affect our bottom line by not having to purchase expensive 1 or 2 year certs from Verisign or the like, but our timeline was shortened because what took us minutes to generate here would have taken weeks in the state purchasing process.

Thanks again for all your help! I'll be in touch as we move forward to let you know how things are going."

Security Administration Manager
Virginia Department of Health

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"We have been using ManageSecure® to manage and monitor our deployment related security resources such as SSL servers, LDAP servers, certificates. ManageSecure provides timely reporting and alerting on these resources, which enables timely and proactive action on their upkeep. ManageSecure® has been running in our environment for several months and has been very stable. The ManageSecure staff is very knowledgeable and has provided excellent support."

Deployment Architect
Scientific Applications International Corporation, Atlanta

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