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Atlanta GA, October 30, 2013:

Business Networks International Inc (BNETAL) is pleased to announce that the flagship product BNETAL SureDeliver® has been successfully implemented in support of secure and regulatory compliant delivery of Electronic Remittance Advice (HIPAA X12 835) from Health Plans to Hospitals, Laboratories and other Healthcare Providers.

HIPAA covered entities like Health Plans, Clearinghouses and others are now facing a January 2014 implementation deadline for compliance with the CAQH® CORE® Operating Rule requirements. BNETAL SureDeliver has a robust and highly secure implementation of CAQH CORE Connectivity Operating Rules, and is a turn-key solution for compliance with the CORE Connectivity Operating Rules.

Further, BNETAL SureDeliver® is a secure, highly scalable and mature implementation of several health data exchange standards. BNETAL SureDeliver® is a solution for Meaningful Use Stage 2 data exchange requirements for providers, and also the Affordable Care Act requirements for HIPAA covered entities.

BNETAL has decades of experience in enterprise security and secure and reliable messaging. BNETAL's secure messaging product SureDeliver® supports many open standards for secure and reliable messaging, and implements regional hubs for routing. More information on SureDeliver® is at BNETAL's enterprise security product, ManageSecure® can be used to create a security perimeter around web applications. More information on ManageSecure® is at More information on BNETAL projects and consulting services is at More information on BNETAL SureDeliver solution is here.

Note: CAQH and CORE are registered trademarks of Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare.

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