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Atlanta GA, February 14, 2014:

SureDeliver® 8.1 has been released. In addition to the full feature set of SureDeliver® 8.0, this release has the following major new features:

  • Support for flexible licensing options that can scale based on the business volume of customers.
  • Integration with BNETAL's new X12 parser.
  • Support for easier integration with .NET platform message handlers

The above is in addition to the current features of SureDeliver® 8.0:

    Business Intelligence layer for visual analysis of the message transport layer.
  • Enhanced integration with Java Messaging Services (JMS) real time request processing and integration with backend applications.
  • JMS based asynchronous logging support for clustered deployments.
  • Support for IBM Informix and IBM DB2 databases.
  • Deployment support for Weblogic, Websphere, Glassfish application servers for enterprise grade scalability.
  • Encrypted, authenticated and secure/reliable data transfer capability using ebXML 2.0 (interoperable with CDC's PHIN-MS) for Public Health reporting
  • Encrypted, authenticated and secure/reliable data transfer capability using Web-Services Reliable Messaging
  • Support for CAQH® CORE® Phase II Connectivity Rule based messaging for administrative transactions (health insurance)
  • Support for CMS esMD Profile (XDR and X12) for electronic document exchanges between Providers, Health Information Handlers and Medicare
  • Interoperability with the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) standards. In particular, provides out of the box support for interoperating with both NwHIN-CONNECT for supporting Health Information Exchanges and NwHIN-Direct, for Provider-Provider communications.
  • Support for Pharmacy transactions using NCPDP Connectivity and Security standards.
  • Multi-administrator system with ability to delegate functions with limited roles.
  • Plugin framework for easy extension and integration with external systems that handle data processing.
  • High performance and scalability related improvements for real-time performance management and monitoring.
  • Audit trace for administrative functions.
  • Automatic backup of queues.
  • Workflow support for Batch functions.
  • Multiple stability improvements, diagnostic tools and reporting.
  • Support for Java Messaging Service (JMS) connections
  • IHE ATNA compliant end-point authentication
  • Protocol translations from ebMS to WS-RM and vice versa
  • SAML 2.0 based Identity Provider Server/Client and Centralized authentication support
  • XML Digital Signature based authentication
  • Hub and Spoke (push/pull) messaging, with easy graphical configuration of both Hub and Spoke
  • End-to-End acknowledgements for messages sent via Hub
  • Strong Hub Security/access control using flexible, site specific business rules.
  • Node coordinate reporting support
  • Large file (Gigabytes) handling support
  • Support for multiple data encryption algorithms and strengths
  • Support for node credential management
  • Robust error handling and reliable operation
  • Queue search capability
  • Graphical user interface for easy configuration of messaging gateway
  • Synchronous and asynchronous message handling
  • Gateway to Gateway message routing and filtering
  • Support for Decryption Key Rollover at Inbound nodes
  • Silent installations for UNIX platforms to remove dependencies on GUI environments
  • Platform tested on Windows, Linux (RedHat, Ubuntu) and Solaris 10 (SPARC)
  • Easy to use browser based administration interface
  • Robust server implementation with high performance and scalability
  • Context sensitive help, Implementation Guide
  • Integration broker extensions
  • Application level status feedback for asynchronous (queue-to-queue) messaging
  • Numerous utility features for ease of configuration, management and monitoring

For more information on SureDeliver® please email, or call 770 399 0433 or 315-391-0716.

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