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Atlanta GA, April 4, 2016:

BNETAL is pleased to announce the release of SureEDI 1.0, with robust EDI mapping, validation and processing features that can greatly simplify EDI processing based on your organization's business rules for different transactions and different trading partners.

Background and Rationale
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards like X12 are widely used in Healthcare, retail, travel and supply chain and form the language of communication between businesses that transact on a daily basis. Implementation variations, evolving standards and regulatory requirements make processing EDI data a lengthy and expensive undertaking. The result is often complex “spaghetti” custom code that is hard to maintain and manage. Robust solutions that empower users to easily configure EDI processing has the potential for significant improvements in efficiency of implementation, trading partner on-boarding, and operation. Reduced operational errors means quicker processing, less support costs and increase in efficiency and revenue.

SureEDI : Product Overview
BNETAL SureEDI is a powerful EDI mapping, validation and adjudication software. It supports dynamic mapping from EDI formats to business level objects. EDI maps can be defined for different transactions and can be tailored to trading partners. Users can also define dynamic rules for validation and adjudication. Many fully built EDI mapping templates help get you started so you can hit the ground running and quickly implement the validation and adjudication rules using the templates. Easy to use extensible framework that can provide custom extensions for both validation and adjudication. SureEDI can be installed stand-alone or with BNETAL's SureDeliver®, to support end-to-end (data content and transport) processing.

BNETAL SureEDI plus BNETAL SureDeliver® is an End-to-End Solution
SureEDI works well with BNETAL's SureDeliver® to provide end-to-end EDI processing (both transport and content) for our healthcare customers, but SureEDI can also be deployed on a stand-alone basis for EDI processing, or integrated with other products that may handle transport, business analytics or other functions.

Supported by EDI Experts
SureEDI is supported by BNETAL, with decades of experience in large national level infrastructure projects in healthcare data exchange.

For more information on SureEDI, please visit product page. To obtain a white paper on SureEDI and how it enables EDI mapping, validation and processing, please click here. For more information on SureEDI® please email, or call 770-399-0433 / 315-391-0716.