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Atlanta GA, August 22, 2016:

BNETAL presented at the CDC PHI informatics conference in Atlanta GA, on Health Data Exchange Interoperability: Opportunities for Cross - Initiative Learning and Optimizing Infrastructure Investments. This presentation reviews recent major health-IT data exchange initiatives and identifies some ways in which they can benefit from each other's key advances to improve outcomes for stakeholders. It also identifies ways in which implementers of data exchange can improve reuse and return on investments across these data exchanges:

Slides from this presentation can be found here.

BNETAL's nationally recognized experts in connectivity and security have worked on projects including CDC PHIN where BNETAL provided secure data exchange solutions that are used nationwide for disease data surveillance, lab reporting and other data exchanges over the Internet. Our expertise and solutions can be leveraged by CDC, State and County Departments of Health, Hospitals for their public health reporting and data exchange needs. Our solutions and expertise for Affordable Care Act compliant data exchange and EDI data processing can be used by Payers, Providers, Clearinghouses, and Vendors.

For more information on BNETAL, please email, or call 770-399-0433 or 315-391-0716.