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Atlanta GA, July 3, 2016:

BNETAL SureEDI 1.1 has been released, with the following new features (in addition to the features listed in version 1.0):

  • GUI based user defined XML map (schema) creation with dynamic definition of validation parameters
  • Ability to provision EDI and XML maps to validation customers
  • Web interface for validation customers to use provisioned EDI or XML maps for validating their data for format, syntax and other rules
  • Simplified error reports that can be used by customers to correct and validate their EDI or XML data as part of their on-boarding process, so errors are reduced
  • Simplifies onboarding of new customers and reduces processing errors, saving time, money and improving customer satisfaction

This set of features further enhances SureEDI capabilities in serving as a robust platform for simplifying EDI and XML processing.

For more information on SureEDI, please visit product page. To obtain a white paper on SureEDI and how it enables EDI mapping, validation and processing, please click here. For more information on SureEDI® please email, or call 770-399-0433 / 315-391-0716.