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Atlanta GA, November 8, 2016:

BNETAL software is now available in a SaaS model on popular public cloud platforms like Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure. When deployed to the cloud, customers can take full advantage of the cost savings, scalability and security offered by the cloud infrastructures. Specific benefits of using cloud servers for BNETAL offerings are discussed below:

  • For BNETAL SureDeliver®, cloud deployments allow you to reach compliance with regulatory requirements of the Affordable Care Act using the turnkey offerings of SureDeliver, without incurring the infrastructure costs of provisioning new hardware and operating systems on-premise. Using the cloud infrastructure's scalability offerings, you can scale the cloud servers to meet the desired level of use. Further, you can benefit from the high availability and security features offered by the cloud providers. For integration with your on-premise applications, you can use a hybrid cloud model.
  • For BNETAL SureEDI®, cloud deployments have the benefit of providing an environment where any customer data that is parsed with SureEDI is well protected using a regulatory compliant infrastructure, and using security features such as end point encryption that is offered by cloud providers. The scalability of cloud infrastructures allows you to start small and grow based on the usage.
  • For BNETAL SureVigil®, cloud infrastructures give a high availability environment that give you the peace of mind that SureVigil is doing the job of monitoring both on-premise and cloud deployed B2B data exchanges.
  • For BNETAL ManageSecureFor®, cloud deployments gives a centralized and secure location for storing and managing of security credentials. The infrastructure security features such as hard disk and database encryption ensure that the security credentials managed with ManageSecure are safe and available only to authorized users.

For more information on BNETAL solutions for the cloud, please email, or call 770-399-0433 or 315-391-0716.