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Atlanta GA, Jan 1, 2018:

BNETAL is pleased to announce the release of SureEDI® 3.0, with the following major feature additions:
  • HL7 mapping, parsing and translation
  • Batch processing of HL7 batch messages
  • Validation reports on batch files
  • Starting point EDI maps for several new healthcare EDI transactions and their variants (e.g., various flavors of X12 835 such as dollars and data together/separate)
  • Support for large (Gigabyte) batch file translations
  • Advanced diagnostics and reporting
  • Stronger access controls, with read-only roles for use of EDI maps
  • Integration with Active Directory and LDAP user repositories for authentication and authorization - this enhances security

The above features enhance SureEDI's EDI mapping, parsing, validation and translation capabilities, described at the SureEDI product site.

For more information on SureEDI please email, or call 770-399-0433 or 315-391-0716.