BNETAL services: We are a software company and we provide Robust and Secure Solutions, and we are Trusted Advisors to many major national level projects

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Health Insurance IT

Having provided SME level consultations to CAQH CORE on their Operating Rules development for almost a decade, and having worked with the industry on meeting the regulatory requirements of Affordable Care Act using our connectivity and security solution SureDeliver®, we are uniquely positioned to work with health plans, clearinghouses and healthcare providers on your administrative simplification needs.

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HIPAA Security Assessments

Our HIPAA Security Assessments can be tailored to your needs depending on whether you are looking for minimal compliance, or improved security assurances, or both. Experience in real world mission critical security infrastructures, government security requirements and knowledge of the ongoing security and privacy challenges faced by the industry puts us in a unique position to help our customers.

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Healthcare IT

Our experience in Healthcare IT spans clinical, administrative, pharmacy, public health. In each of these areas our experience spans policy, regulations, standards, technology, implementation, security, reliability, interoperability and real world implementation experience.

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Custom Software Development

With decades of senior level experience in projects where BNETAL engineers developed solutions that are in use nationwide and supporting mission critical data exchanges and security, BNETAL is ideally positioned to architect, design and develop your custom software.

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Government Services

Our contract vehicles can be used by Federal and State government customers for easy access to our robust solutions and expert services. Pre-negotiated terms and conditions, and consulting rates make procurement of services using these vehicles painless and efficient.

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Project Management

In an industry where marketing hype and unkept promises are the norm, our track record of under-promising and overdelivering is a breath of fresh air. We never take on projects without fully understanding the requirements and making sure we can deliver. We use industry best practices to ensure quality results are delivered within budget.

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