Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is used to conduct automated business to business electronic transactions over wide area networks such as the Internet, helping various industries including retail, healthcare, travel and shipping to become more efficient and less error prone. One of the EDI standards that is in use widely is ASC X12. This standard is an accepted and understood document format for various types of business tansactions (e.g., supplier purchase orders, invoices, healthcare claims, health insurance enrollments). Implementation variations, evolving standards and regulatory requirements can make processing these EDI documents an error prone and expensive undertaking. Robust solutions that empower users to easily configure EDI processing has the potential for significant improvements in efficiency of implementation, trading partner on-boarding, and operation. Reduced operational errors means quicker processing, less support costs and increase in efficiency and revenue.
BNETAL provides expertise and solutions in the following areas in support of your EDI operation
  • EDI mapping to your organization's trading partner specific EDI variations
  • Custom validation for your business needs
  • Integration with your backend EDI processing
  • Business Workflow and Process automation
  • Support for integration with trading partner connectivity methods
  • Managed File Transfer (MFT) implementation
  • Data exchange security review, Risk Analysis and Remediation of any security gaps
  • Technical and Process level Reviews against regulatory compliance requirements within your domain

  • BNETAL SureEDI® is a powerful solution for EDI mapping, validation and translation (to formats like CSV, XML and JSON for simplified processing). It supports dynamic mapping from EDI formats to business level objects. EDI maps can be defined for different transactions and can be tailored to trading partners. Users can also define dynamic rules for validation. Many fully built EDI mapping templates help get you started so you can hit the ground running and quickly implement the validation and adjudication rules using the templates. Easy to use extensible framework that can provide custom extensions for both validation and adjudication. SureEDI® can be installed stand-alone or with BNETAL's SureDeliver®, to support end-to-end (data content and transport) processing.
  • By providing a robust turnkey product for EDI mapping, validation and processing, BNETAL offers to a great EDI solution for any domain that uses EDI, including but not limitd to supply chain, retail, transportation, shipping and healthcare
  • More information on SureEDI®
  • SureEDI® 5.0 is our latest release

BNETAL SureDeliver®

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