CDC PHINMS Consulting

At the CDC, BNETAL provided security consulting and architecture, design and development support for CDC's Public Health Information Network Messaging System (CDC PHINMS), which is the primary mechanism for transporting disease data across the PHIN. The PHINMS is currently in widespread use at the CDC, at State Departments of Health and at several hospitals and labs. The following list has some of our key accomplishments in supporting the architecture, design, development and deployment of the CDC PHIN Messaging System nationwide.

CDC PHINMS Consulting
  • Architecture and security consultations on standards based Public Health Information Networks Messaging System (PHINMS) project using networking, encryption, authentication, for securely transporting health care information over the Internet.
  • Consultations to the PHIN Deployment project, providing high level messaging and security consultations
  • Consultations to the BioSense Data Provisioning project
  • CDC’s representative on the OASIS ebXML Messaging Technical Committee.
  • CDC representation at the PHIN Conferences
  • CDC representation to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the 4th Annual PKI Workshop, April 2005
  • Consultations on security (authentication and authorization) redesign project for CDC’s Secure Data Network (SDN).
  • CDC representation to ebXML Interoperability certification group and PHINMS certification for ebXML 2.0 compliance.
  • Integration of messaging transport layer with CA Siteminder.
  • Integration of product with Verisign LDAP servers.

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