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Business Networks International Inc. has been playing a key role in Public Health IT projects across the US. Key projects in this area include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health (VA-DOH), Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), and Oregon Public Health Division (ORPHD).

North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services
BNETAL provided CISO support and project management for security assessments on applications and infrastructure, including NIST 800-53, HIPAA Security and Privacy, cloud and enterprise security consulting expertise to a large portfolio of applications and services. BNETAL also provided project direction and management for a large team of penetration testers and risk assessment consultants.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • At the CDC, BNETAL provided security consulting and architecture, design and development support for CDC's Public Health Information Network. In particular, for over six (6) years, BNETAL has been responsible for the architecture and security of Public Health Information Network Messaging System (PHINMS), which is the primary mechanism for transporting data across the PHIN. PHINMS is currently in widespread use at the CDC, at almost all State Departments of Health (DOH), many city/local DOH and at several hospitals and labs for sending reportable data to public health. BNETAL and CDC customer together published the following paper based on some of this work:
  • BNETAL provides a full suite of services around the use of SureDeliver®, such as the following
    • architecture and deployment
    • integration with revenue cycle management systems
    • security of administrative transactions
    • performance and scaling options
    • training on the operational best practices
  • B.Rhodes, R.Kailar - On Securing the Public Health Information Network Messaging System, 4th Annual PKI Workshop, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Maryland, April 2005.
  • BNETAL has implemented PHIN-compliant messaging interfaces along with other standards, interfaces and audit trails for multiple verticals in BNETAL software product SureDeliver® product for system-to-system secure and reliable messaging. SureDeliver® is HIPAA-compliant and ready for Meaningful Use Stage 2.
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    Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL)
    Business Networks International Inc (BNETAL) is providing application architecture and expert consulting services to the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL). APHL is a national nonprofit representing governmental laboratories that monitor and detect public health threats, ranging from lead contamination in drinking water to metabolic and genetic conditions in newborns. As the primary advocate for public health laboratories, APHL is active on many fronts including emergency response, laboratory science, education and training, laboratory workforce, health policy, global laboratory capacity and laboratory systems. BNETAL was chosen for its expertise in software development, architecture and security, and proven track record and service in the Healthcare-IT and Public Health-IT domains.
    Virginia Department of Health
    The Virginia State Department of Health has successfully deployed ManageSecure®. The department has utilized ManageSecure® for identity and access management; specifically, the product features leveraged included integrated PKI management, single sign-on and role based access control features to provide a strong security perimeter around its public health applications, such as the NEDSS and PHINMS. Business Networks International Inc. worked closely with VADOH in identifying the security gaps, in performing requirements analysis and in implementing the security perimeter around their mission critical web applications.
    Minnesota Department of Health
    Business Networks International Inc (BNETAL) was chosen to provide application architecture and expert security consulting services to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) in support of its OpenELIS project. Within a couple of months of being on the project, BNETAL consultants provided substantial architecture, security and performance related expert consultations to MDH staff. BNETAL consultants were very proactive in documenting and communicating findings, in proposing solutions to issues found, in receiving feedback on work, and in scheduling periodic meetings with MDH. Further, BNETAL has been able to integrate ManageSecure security with OpenELIS, to provide strong authentication/security support to OpenELIS.
    Oregon Public Health Division
    BNETAL was chosen by the OR-PHD to provide expert consulting and support to Oregon's Public Health Messaging and Security needs. Using BNETAL’s significant security and messaging subject matter expertise, Oregon was able to build consensus around the scope of its project, and create a work plan for evaluating the architecture options. Oregon engineers are currently evaluating their architectural choices using this plan/roadmap.
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