ManageSecure® enables you to secure your Intranet and Internet based applications, and to manage your security resources. ManageSecure® can be used by corporations that deal with sensitive or mission critical information and want to ensure that only a designated user (or group) can access a particular web application or resources. It can also be used by organizations that want to better manage their security resources. Further, organizations that want to issue or manage certificates, or manage other security resources well can use ManageSecure®. Please see Usage Scenarios for more information

ManageSecure®: Executive Perspective
Business Executives, Financial Leaders and CIOs appreciate ManageSecure® because it Provides integrated security solution for web resources. No need for complex integration projects. Low cost to implement, upkeep. Drastically lowers cost of owning and managing a public-key infrastructure (PKI) of digital certificates, SSL. Enables issuing and/or managing certificates easily and cost-effectively! Affords greater control on administration of systems. You can organize control of different organizational areas with role-based access for system administrators.

ManageSecure® for Data Center and Cloud Security
  • Helps manage security resources and their relationships, relieving administrators of burden of remembering the relationships, and reducing operational errors
  • Full lifecyle monitoring and alerting for errors and impending expiration conditions, improving reliability and business continuity
  • Role segregation to ensure that least privilege is enforced, reducing security exposures
  • Digital certificate lifecycle management
  • Backed by top-notch security team to support the product.

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