Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the life force of mission critical business to business electronic transactions worldwide. Industries including healthcare, retail, shipping and transport depend on EDI for conducting business.

While EDI standards such as ASC X12, and regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, ACA, and industry lead operating rules such as CAQH CORE are all critical to improve interoperability and operational efficiencies, EDI implementation variations, evolving standards and regulatory requirements can result in complex “spaghetti” logic that is hard to maintain and manage.

Simplified EDI mapping, parsing and translation solutions can empower users to improve efficiency of implementation, trading partner on-boarding, and operation, while also easing the burden of meeting the evolving set of complex regulatory requirements.

SureEDI® can be used for easy mapping of EDI / X12 transactions, validation for syntax and business constraints, and translation to standard formats such as XML, JSON and CSV for simplified processing.

EDI /X12 Mapping
  • Dynamic, GUI based EDI map creation (from raw X12)
  • Allows configuring EDI Loops, Segments, Elements and Sub-elements
  • GUI to define business level objects to which EDI objects can be mapped
  • EDI maps for common HIPAA EDI transactions

EDI / X12 Validation
  • GUI for validation rule definition for different components of EDI messages
  • GUI testing of validation rules
  • GUI specification of batch validation rules
  • Batch validation using the rules specified
X12 Translation
  • Powerful translation capabilities from X12 to XML, JSON, CSV and vice versa
  • Can filter CSV or merge CSVs to generate new CSV
  • Batch processing of EDI and CSV can be made part of workflows
  • CSV files can be easily loaded to database tables for data mining, report generation, analytics and business intelligence
EDI Processing
  • Supports both Real Time and Batch mode processing
  • Flexible and extensible framework for using built-in or external plugins, scripts or APIs
  • Supports rules based Batch split and join
  • Definition of workflows for Batch processing
Integration with Connectivity and Security Layer
  • SureEDI® provides data content processing independently of connectivity and security layer. Hence it can be used with any Connectivity and Security products including BNETAL’s SureDeliver
  • Easy integration with Connectivity and Security layer, which can be provided by SureDeliver® or other connectivity software
  • Strong authentication and authorization, OAuth2/OIDC support and integration with AD/LDAP

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