SureEDI: Intuitive
EDI Mapping, Validation,

SureEDI: Improves
Revenue Cycle Efficiency

SureEDI: Simplifies
Trading Partner On-boarding
and Operation

Dynamic Rules based
EDI Processing Framework

Improves Efficiency

Sophisticated and Configurable
Business Processing Layer

SureEDI: User Defined
Dynamic mapping of EDI Content
to Business Objects

SureEDI: Rules based
Validation and

SureEDI: Turnkey
EDI Mapping Templates
for most Transactions

SureEDI: Stand-alone or
Add-on to BNETAL SureDeliver®:
Healthcare Regulatory
Compliant Enterprise Gateway

Improves Revenues

SureEDI: Supported by
Industry Experts in

Trusted Advisors on
CAQH CORE Projects

Customer Focused
Responsive Service

Satisfied Customers,
Repeat Business

The Need: Simplified EDI

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the life force of mission critical B2B transactions worldwide,
  • EDI implementation variations, evolving standards and regulatory requirements result in “spaghetti” logic that is hard to maintain and manage,
  • Simplified EDI mapping, parsing and translation solutions can empower users to improve efficiency of implementation, trading partner on-boarding, and operation,
  • Reduced operational errors means quicker processing, less support costs and increase in efficiency and revenue.

Solution: BNETAL SureEDI®

  • Powerful X12/XML/JSON mapping, parsing, validation and translation software,
  • X12/XML/JSON maps can be defined for different transactions and can be tailored to trading partners,
  • Empowers users to define mapping, parsing, validation and translation,
  • Simplified translations of batch files to standard formats like XML, JSON, CSV,
  • Easy to use extensible framework including custom extensions.

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  • Robust solutions, trusted advisors,
  • Industry leading expertise in EDI transactions, EDI mapping, parsing, validation and translation,
  • Decades of experience in large national level infrastructure projects in EDI and healthcare data exchange,
  • National healthcare initiatives like the CDC, CAQH and others have considered us their trusted advisors and solution providers for their mission critical projects.

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