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Founded by senior computer and security professionals in 1996, Business Networks International (BNETAL) has been at the forefront of applying technology to build secure applications and systems. Our clients include government and private sector clients, non-profits, and several fortune 100 companies in various industries.

Our solutions leverage our vast and in-depth experience in large (national scale) projects involving health data exchange, security, interoperability and regulatory compliance requirements. SureDeliver®, our health data exchange gateway supports many open standards, industry profiles and regulatory compliance requirements such as Affordable Care Act, Meaningful Use Stage 2. Our data exchange and webservices remote monitoring product SureVigil® is in support of reliable operations and regulatory compliance of health data exchanges. Our security resource management product ManageSecure® leverages decades of security experience in strong enterprise security management best practices.

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Enterprise Solutions

Best of breed solutions for robust, secure and regulatory compliant data exchange in healthcare and other domains. Solutions for securing web applications and data, and for issual and management of digital certificates. Solutions for monitoring of health data exchanges for uptime and performance.

Trusted Advisors

Expertise gained over decades of successful execution of several large mission critical healthcare infrastructure projects of national scope. Our expertise is at the intersection of healthcare IT, architecture, interoperability standards, regulatory compliance and security.

Excellent Service

Our robust solutions and in-depth expertise have both served our customers well for more than a decade. We have gained the trust of nationally reputed customers due to our excellent service, responsiveness and integrity.

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